COVID-19 Update on Albania Cross Border Movements

COVID-19 Update on Albania Cross Border Movements

TIRANA, June 1

Starting Monday Albanians can travel freely to Kosovo and Montenegro, the Department of Border and Migration at the State Police confirmed. Based on the announcement, there is no change to the border regime with Italy, Greece, and North Macedonia. Citizens from these countries are allowed to enter Albania. Yet Albanians cannot enter these countries. Only those who are residents in the above-mentioned countries can travel there.
Meanwhile, Montenegro has no restrictions in place for citizens from an official list of countries that can travel to Montenegro. Those are countries with less than 25 active cases of coronavirus per 100,000 people.
Meanwhile, Kosovo allows the entrance of all citizens. Those who don’t have an official confirmation of testing negative for COVID-19 must fill a form for a seven day for self-quarantining. Moreover, all trucks crossing the border will be disinfected.


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