COVID-19 Albanian Govt Declares State of Natural Disaster

COVID-19 Albanian Govt Declares State of Natural Disaster

TIRANA, March 25

The Albanian government declared the state of natural disaster in the country over the novel coronavirus pandemic COVID-19, a recent decision published in the Official Gazette confirmed.
The state of natural disaster will allow authorities to reestimate the state budget based on the additional unexpected expenses.

The state of natural disaster includes the restriction of certain rights, more specifically the articles 37, 38, 41 (point four), 49, and 51 of the Albanian Constitution to the extent that is considered necessary to ensure the citizens’ health. (Find articles at the end of this post)

The institution dealing with the coronavirus that’s responsible for the coordination and arrangement of actions between official institutions and private entities as well as for the financial and monetary resources in the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Civil Emergencies (KNEC).
Based on the verdict, public institutions, private entities, and citizens will have to implement or comply with all the measures and guidelines.

Restricted Articles (Translation by OSCE)

Article 37
1. The inviolability of the residence is guaranteed.
2. Searches of a residence, as well as premises that are equivalent to it, may be done only in the cases and manner provided by law.
3. No one may be subjected to a personal search outside a criminal proceeding, with the exception of cases of entry into, or exit from, the territory of the state, or to avoid a danger that threatens public security.

Article 38
1. Everyone has the right to choose his place of residence and to move freely to any part of the territory of the state.
2. No one may be hindered from leaving the state freely.

Article 41, point 4
4. Expropriations or limitations of a property right that amount to expropriation are permitted only against fair compensation

Article 49
1. Everyone has the right to earn the means of living by lawful work that he has chosen or accepted himself. He is free to choose his profession, place of work, and his own system of professional qualification.
2. Employees have the right to social protection of labor.

Article 51
1. The right of an employee to strike in connection with labor relations is guaranteed.
2. Limitations on particular categories of employees may be established by law to ensure essential social services.

Source: The Official Gazette

Photo Credit: Alket Islami

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