Cost of Living 2022: How Affordable is Albania Compared to Other Countries?

Cost of Living 2022: How Affordable is Albania Compared to Other Countries?

TIRANA, January 26

How much does one need to live comfortably in Albania?

Good news comes for those traveling, living, or relocating to our country this year. Albania made the top ten again in Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index for 2022 in the European countries category. Albania jumped two spots, coming eighth in the list topped by Kosovo.
Compared to the other countries of the region only North Macedonia (fifth place) has a more affordable cost of living. Moreover, Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks ninth, Serbia ranks tenth and Montenegro 13th.
Kosovo also made the top ten countries in the global classification where it ranks sixth. Then one has to scroll down to the 41st place to find Albania. This can be considered a good position considering the fact that the list has 139 countries.
In terms of cities, Tirana sits at the 33rd position in the list of the most affordable European cities and 152nd in the list of 578 cities all over the world. Based on this ranking, the cost of living in Tirana is estimated to be 61.32 percent cheaper than in New York.
At Numbeo, anyone can calculate their monthly cost of living for Tirana. Let’s say one adult (non-smoker) living in a one-bedroom apartment in a city center area with low to moderate spending habits might need Euro 815 per month (rent, internet, vacations, sports membership included).
Make your own calculation depending on your household type and lifestyle and find out how affordable Tirana is for you. Do you need to learn more about other Albanian cities? Please, read our guide: Best Cities to Live in Albania for Expats & Nomads

Source: Numbeo
Photo by Jani Godari on Unsplash

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