Coral Reefs in Vlora Bay Threatened by Climate Change

Coral Reefs in Vlora Bay Threatened by Climate Change

TIRANA, November 6

Coral reefs on the Albanian Adriatic coast like elsewhere around the globe are showing signs of climate change damage. The increased sea surface temperature is causing coral bleaching events in Vlora Bay, the local Organization for Social Education and Environment Protection (SEEP) confirmed.
SEEP conducted marine expeditions in the bay during summer and autumn. They documented evident change in the appearance of corals over the months. According to see-net, the coral reefs were healthy when the expeditions began in June. However, their appearance changed and bleached spots were noticed as the seawater temperature started to increase during summer. Based on the expedition, the beaching events became extreme in October. The expedition assumed that those changes can be reversed.

“The possibility of restoring coral reefs largely depends on the urgent reaction. This obliges us to address the problem to all decision-makers at all levels, to react as quickly as possible, to save marine biodiversity, before we cross the line of no turning back and to direct development towards a green economy,” Seenet pointed out.
Everyone can access the results of the study through a short documentary in SEEP Albania social media or youtube channel.

Moreover, SEEP also drafted an Open Positioning Letter, addressed to decision-makers at all levels, based on this study, to take into consideration the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 14 (Life below water) and SDG 13 (Climate Action) which is evident in Albania, and specifically within the waters the Vlora Bay where it has become visible having a strong impact on the marine life.
Climate change and pollution are among the main factors that trigger coral bleaching.

Source: seenet/ SEEP Albania

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