Consumtion increased significantly during Holidays

Consumtion increased significantly during Holidays

Albanian citizens have increased consuming and the flow of shopping for food products during this period of time, on the eve of the New Year 2015. Ministry of Agriculture has suggested to all traders that prices must remain stable and consistent, in order to avoid unfair competition and abuses.

The increase of consumption, according to economy experts, has come as a result of holiday fiestas tradition and the increase of remittances by the returned emigrants.

Only two days separate us from the night of the New Year, and sales or larger purchases are mainly concentrated in commercial markets and shopping malls food but industrial. A wide interest of consumers has been noticed for products as turkeys, food and vegetables sold in the square “Avni Rustem” in the capital.

To protect consumers from abuses in prices, the Ministry of Agriculture has set up inspection groups and the minister of Agriculture held a meeting with the big merchants where asked not to raise prices. While traders themselves say that they have no interest to increase prices because they want to have as many clients as possible.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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