Confindustria Albania Proposes Measures to Protect Businesses from COVID-19 Impact

Confindustria Albania Proposes Measures to Protect Businesses from COVID-19 Impact

TIRANA, March 17

The association of Italian industrialists in Albania, Confindustria Albania, issued a list of proposals for the Albanian government aimed at facing the economic and social crisis induced by the progressive expansion of the COVID-19 emergency.
According to the inquiries carried out by Confindustria with associated enterprises, the spread of the new coronavirus in Albania is causing damage to the companies’ turnover.
Moreover, the association of Italian industrialists says is a priority to maintain continuity of production, thus guarantee continuity in supply and distribution flows and specific interventions on employment dynamics, on social safety nets and in support of companies’ liquidity.
Furthermore, the announcement says that there is a need for continuous dialogue with business representatives to reach mutual and efficient decisions in support of production activities, which are already suffering negative consequences due to the virus.

Therefore, Confindustria Albania elaborated on the needed measures to protect companies from the impact of COVID-19.

Immediately guarantee the liquidity of companies that is harshly compromised by the ongoing emergency, through instruments such as the suspension of tax and contribution payments;
Provide for homogeneous procedures throughout the national territory to guarantee production continuity, avoiding fragmented and contradictory interventions between the various levels of governing;
Provide remuneration from the social and health insurance fund for a period of at least one month for employees who will remain at home due to the interruption of activities, as well as for those who decide to quarantine themselves;
Provide for the postponement of the presentation of the financial statements for 2019 to the Tax Office;
Avoid blocking corporate bank accounts due to tax obligations for the duration of the viral situation;
Avoid interruption of basic utilities (such as electricity, water) for lack of payments

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