Concessionary Firm says no New Tax, only Scaling Heavy-duty Vehicles

Concessionary Firm says no New Tax, only Scaling Heavy-duty Vehicles

TIRANA, August 29

Yesterday, on 28 August 2019, many Kosovan and Albanian media have spread the news that starting from 1 September 2019, it will come into force another tax for drivers on Durres-Kukes Highway also known as the Nation’s Road. The alleged new tax would be regarding the heavy-duty vehicles.

The original news from BalkanWeb

The tax for the vehicles will be done based on certain coefficients and the category of the vehicle. Thus, for the vehicles with three wheels, the coefficient is 0.50 and the tax will be €2.5 plus the value-added tax. For the vehicles with four wheels, belonging to category B, C, and D, the coefficient is 1 and the tax is calculated to be €5, with the value-added tax. These are the cars that circulate the most on Nation’s Road.

For buses and other vehicles with 6 wheels, that fall into the category E and F, the coefficient is 2.25, so the tax will be €11. The coefficient for vehicles with 6 wheels and the trucks of G category, the coefficient is 3.25 and the tax will be €16. Lastly, for the heavy trucks of the H category, the coefficient is 4.5 and the tax will be €23.


The concessionary firm that is responsible for the maintenance of Durres-Kukes Highway, has reacted regarding the alleged tax that there will be no second tax, that will be placed on the vehicles coming from both sides of the Nation’s Road. According to the concessionary firm, in implementation of the Concession Contract, and the legal norms in force, it is realizing the assembly and configuration of the electronic scales.

The weighing machines will be used for monitoring the heavy-duty vehicles, if they are within the legal norms predicted by-law. The goal of these devices is the protection of the road elements such as the layers of the road, the work of arts, bridges, etc. from the possible damages, that come as a result of the weight of vehicles beyond the allowed limits.

On 15 April 2018, the Albanian government decided to put a tax on every car passing through Durres-Kukes Highway, and came into force in September 2018.


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