Concession for Construction of Six HPPs in Theth Annulled

Concession for Construction of Six HPPs in Theth Annulled

TIRANA, October 27

The Albanian Ministry of Energy annulled the concession of six local hydro power plants planned to be constructed on Shala River cascade in Theth area. The ministry explained the reasons of the partial breach of the agreement with the company. According to the Ministry, the company didn’t submit the environmental impact statement the scheme on hydroelectric exploitation, and the business plan.
The company was required on many occasions to hand the missed documentation on the implementation project, but it didn’t do it. Moreover, another reason mentioned by the Ministry is the fact that the concessionary failed to renovate the contractor insurance within the defined deadline.

shala gorge
On the other hand, HPP’s construction in Theth has been strongly opposed by the civil society. According to them, HPP’s would affect the tourism potential of the area, which recently gained major attention by Albanian and international visitors.

News Source: Shqip

Photo credit: thethivilage , Fatos Katallozi

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