Competitiveness Authority Ask for Review of Rinas Airport Charges

Competitiveness Authority Ask for Review of Rinas Airport Charges

TIRANA, July 26

The prices of plane tickets to Tirana increased significantly this summer. On the other hand, the monopoly situation in Mother Teresa Airport (TIA) and the limited number of destinations are providing more benefits to the airlines that apply hefty airfares to their passengers. Therefore, the Competition Authority calls on the Albanian government to review the service fees by the concessionary company. According to the competition authority, fees must be cost-oriented. The concessionary contract signed in 2005 included a review in service fees every three years, but it never happened.
The concessionary company is applying the same service fees since 2005 when the annual number of passengers was 780,000 while in 2016 the number of annual passengers traveling through the same airport reached 2.2 million.
TIA is the only airport in Albanian and its status has been used by airlines that increased flight prices during the peak season.
In the meantime, the Albanian government announced two concessionary contracts for international flights, respectively in Kukes and Vlora that would increase competitiveness and reduce flight prices.

News Source: TCh

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