Colors, colors and colors – by Migen Prifti Photography

Colors, colors and colors – by Migen Prifti Photography

Just take a flash look at Migen Prifti’s Instagram account and you will fully agree with the title of this article. Photos captured in the most beautiful parts of the country, photos of castles, rivers and villages with a colorful background of flowers or clouds – this is what Migen’s camera offers to his 1699 followers in Instagram.

Being one of the contestants of “Colours of Albania” photo competition launched in early May, Migen has been sharing stunning photos of Bistrica river and Delvina city, Vlore coastline, Kruja and Berat castles, skies, flowers and mountains. Her artistic eye as a photographer has been able to capture unique moments when natural phenomena blend with cities and landscapes.

Here are some of her most liked and shared photos, a collection full of ‘colors of Albania’:

bistrica river delvineBistrica river, Devline


bistrica river 3Bistrica river, Devline


bistrica river 3sBistrica river, Devline


delvine sarandeForest in Delvine area


butrint national parkButrint National Park


butrint lakeButrint National Park


butrint sButrint Lake


lake butrint sarandaButrint Lake

ksamil seasideKsamil coastline, Sarande

kruja city
Kruja city


kruja castleInside the Castle of Kruja


berat cityBerat city


berat castleCastle of Berat

berat fortressInside the Castle of Berat


tirana lakeTirana artificial lake


tirana dajtiView of Tirana city from Dajti Mountain

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