“Coast Trip 4” fourth edition in Albania

“Coast Trip 4” fourth edition in Albania

Shkodra was choosen as the host city of the “Coast Trip 4” which had planned its next adventure in the Balkans. The group of 25 participants (pilots), most of them coming for the first time in Albania, will start the race in Djac (Shkoder), starting the first stage of the event.

The Head of Albanian Aeronautics Association, Alket Islami, says this organization is taking place in Albania in order to promote the inexhaustible value of the Albanian nature and ecosystem.


In turn, one of the Lithuanian organizers of “Coast Trip 4” expressed his astonishment about the sunning landscapes of Albania and was convinced that the number of Lithuanian pilots will increase in the upcoming “Coast trip” events, by adding: “We got surprised by the beauty of your country. Next year, we will be more participants.”.Participants have come from Lithuania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.


The start of the two-stage race took place in northern Albania and the first stage finish will be Durres. After the finish of the first stage, the pilots will visit Tirana capital which will be the start line of the second stage on September 20th , and the finish line of “Coast trip 4”, will be Butrint ancient city. The finish line of the race is set to be the Cape of Stillo and the Tongo island, bordering Greece.

News source: ATA

Photo credits: ATA & Wikimedia

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