Climate Change Burning Issue on Albania’s Sea

Climate Change Burning Issue on Albania’s Sea

TIRANA, August 29

A study published recently by a French group of researchers of the National Centre for Meteorological Research, and the Toulouse University, shows that the climate change is killing the fishes and other living species in the seas. The data were collected since 1982 up to nowadays, and show that the Mediterranean Sea is one of the most affected areas. The heatwave on the sea surface is a big issue that has been intensified significantly recently, the study says.

This phenomenon takes place mostly during the summer months, causing the temperature of the sea surface to increase on average by half degrees Celsius. But more concerning seems the heatwave under the sea surface, and this phenomenon is noted more from October till December. Albania is on the risk list, along with other Mediterranean countries, such as: Lebanon, Israel, Italy and Greece, where temperatures under the sea surface increase by 1-2 degrees Celsius, on average.

This causes marine life to be in great jeopardy, especially the mussels which are the most vulnerable ones. The French study concluded that with this kind of pace of emitting carbon dioxide into the air, the heatwave in the Mediterranean Sea in 2100 is expected to be 42 times stronger compared to nowadays.


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