Client services

Client services

Albania offers good opportunities for foreign investments oriented in export according to various business services such as:

    • Centers for client’s support
    • Joint centers for data processing
    • Technology information services
    • Business regional centers

The two first options provide better opportunities for the attraction of foreign investments because there is plenty of suitable and qualified Albanians that could be available to work in these kinds of businesses. Youngsters in Albania are in most of the cases multilingual (English and Italian are primary languages, taught even in elementary and high schools, Greek and Spanish are also spoken by Albanians) and well educated because most of them graduate by Albanian or foreign universities in different fields of study. The costs of the workforce in Albania provide a strong advantage of the country for the attraction of foreign investors. They are considered to be 1/5 of the average of West European workforce costs. And of course, with the latest years of big activity in the construction sector, you will find different office spaces at low costs.

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Photo credits: Teleperformance Albania

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