Chinese Troupe to Perform Thrilling Shaolin Kung Fu Show in Tirana

Chinese Troupe to Perform Thrilling Shaolin Kung Fu Show in Tirana

TIRANA, June 30

The Chinese martial arts are among the most popular and renowned arts and sports in the world, yet Shaolin Kung Fu is considered to be their essence. The reason why cannot be explained in words. It has to be seen and felt. The citizens of Tirana will have the chance to attend an outstanding Kung Fu performance on Monday, July 4 at 19.00 hours. The Embassy of China in Albania has invited the cultural-artistic troupe of Henan Province to stage a rare show entitled “Chinese Kung Fu in the Land of Eagles” at the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The group of Chinese artists is going to present the art of Shaolin Kung Fu and unveil to the Albanian public the mystery of Chinese Kung Fu.
Shaolin Kung Fu combines Zen meditations with physical discipline and motion. Each move
Consists of unique and beautiful gestures. Many Kung Fu patterns may appear flowery, but it is fighting in beautiful movements. During Monday’s show, the Albanian audience will enjoy the brilliant Shaolin Kung Fu fighting techniques as well as a traditional Chinese music and dance show. This is expected to be a remarkable performance of Chinese fighting arts and culture.

News Source: Radio Ejani

Photo credit: Topchinatravel

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