Cheap Dentistry and Tourism Bring More Travelers to Albania

Cheap Dentistry and Tourism Bring More Travelers to Albania

TIRANA, April 25

Healthcare costs have been rising all over the world and people realize this after a visit to their dentist. Dental treatments are too expensive and now people need a map in order to find an affordable dentist. Albania is among the countries where dental tourism is flourishing. Based on the data provided by dentists, dental tourists make about four percent of the patients in Albanian dental clinics.
On their part, dentists started to make tourism packages in order to attract more travelers. They combine the cheap prices of dental procedures with Albania’s natural beauty.
Croatia used to be the main destination for this group of travelers, but dentists started to charge higher rates, thus dental tourists are now coming to Albania. Dentists say that although neighbor countries have low prices for dental procedures, Albania is cheaper.
Dentists in Albania charge rates up to five times cheaper than in other countries. A tooth filling in Italy costs €250, in Greece €180, in England pound 300, and in the US $400 while in Albania a tooth filling costs between €15-35.
Currently, dental tourism is not regulated by the law. However, it is expected that the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism draft a concrete plan to encourage dental tourism in the country. Albania, even though a fast-growing tourism destination, remains cheap. In the meantime, it offers modern dental clinics and highly-skilled dentists.
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