Categories that Get COVID-19 Rent Relief

Categories that Get COVID-19 Rent Relief

TIRANA, April 2

The public health measures and financial restrictions due to the COVID-19 have made it difficult for many Albanians to make their house or business rent payments. A recent update by Prime Minister Edi Rama on his Facebook will provide some relief for specific categories of struggling renters.

According to Premier Rama, rent payments will be suspended for small businesses and for economically active household members who stopped working due to the public health orders. Moreover, the PM points out that students who live in rented houses are entitled to the new measure. Further on, the new measure spells out that if a landlord forces the tenant that falls under one of the above-mentioned categories to make the monthly rent payment, the landlord will face fines up to fivefold the rent payment. In cases when a landlord could try to pressure a tenant from the aforementioned categories, the tenant must address the online website of the General Directorate of Taxation.

Speaking about the cases of citizens working in the informal sector that lost their jobs, the Premier said that they can benefit from this relief measure only if they denounce their employer.

Source: PM’s Facebook Page

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