Canyons of Osumi overcrowded in Novrus Day

Canyons of Osumi overcrowded in Novrus Day

TIRANA, March 23

On the occasion of Sultan Novrus religious holiday, hundreds of believers from Skrapar, Berat and other Albanian cities, traveled to places of cult found in the Tomorri Mountain area.
They climbed to Abas Ali route, sacred place in the edge of Osumi canyons, which is a Natural Monument. After performing a religious rite, visitors together with their families rested by the side Osumi canyons, enjoying the beauties of the nature.
Everything was monitored by staff and specialists of AdZM Berat, instructing guides and avoiding potential risks. Many admirers and amateur of rafting, practiced this sport to the Osumi Canyons, which is already quite popular for this sport. Groups of young people come in almost every day of the week in these canyons.
Canyons of Osumi, are taking multiple values ​​for the beauty and other values, but also as one of the most popular guides to exercise outdoor sports in our country.

News Source: ATA

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