Call for Applications for Funding under IPARD II to Open on Nov 30

Call for Applications for Funding under IPARD II to Open on Nov 30

TIRANA, November 6

The Agency for the Agricultural and Rural Development of Albania announced that the first call for applications for IPARD II grant programs. Applications can be submitted starting November 30 and will be open for a period of 60 days. IPARD II enables Albanian farmers and agribusinesses to have access to about Euro 50 million.
“The IPARD programme will contribute significantly to the competitiveness of farming and the food sector. It will help farms and businesses comply with the national and EU standards on food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary requirements for the benefit of local consumers and international customers. It will also enable Albanian products to access the EU markets and to diversify the economic activities in rural areas of the country leading to a better quality of rural livelihoods,” the EU Delegation to Albania wrote in a previous announcement.
The call is open for all the individuals that exercise their activity in Albania in the sectors of agriculture and agro-processing. They should focus on these specific sectors:
Investments in physical assets of farming activity such as dairy, meat, fruit, vegetables, and vineyards.
Investments in agricultural produce processing and trading and more specifically milk, meat, fruit, vegetables, and wine processing.
Farm diversification and business development in the following sectors:
Production of medical and aromatic plants, mushrooms, honey, ornamental plants, and snails.
Processing and trading of wild and cultivated medical and aromatic plants, mushrooms, and honey.
Farming processing and trading of agricultural products
Nature and rural tourism
Craftsmanship and artisans workshops
Renewable energy production
The estimated budget of the proposal is Euro 50.3 million and it is divided in Euro 37.7 million contribution from the European Union EU and Euro 12.6 from the Albanian state budget.
The grant support will be:
up to 60 percent of the eligible cost
up to 65 percent for young farmers who are under the age of 40
up to 70 percent for initiatives in rural areas.

Detailed information on the application and selection criteria are available HERE. The deadline for applications is 30 January 2019.
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