Butrint Mussel Farmers Eye European Market

Butrint Mussel Farmers Eye European Market

TIRANA, April 12

Mussel cultivators in Butrint Lake in southern Albania are looking for the xport market in the European Union countries. The Butrint mussel is also recognized as the queen of the lake. Mussel growers that supply the domestic market aim at expanding beyond Albania. Recently, the Albanian Ministry of Economy discussed the opportunity for exporting mussels from Butrint in the Kosovan market. The fresh mussels of Butrint are now on peak season. There are 75 plants built for mussel farming before the 90s that meet the market demand.
In the meantime, experts say that exportation to the European Union countries is blocked since 1994, following a cholera outbreak. Therefore, the EU imposed a ban on mussels export. On their part, experts say that now those mussels are safe for human consumption.
They say that negotiations are held for the exportation of made in Albania mussels to the EU market.
A centre for mussel collection and cleaning was built with the financial support of the European Commission. Ongoing analyses on their safety and quality are conducted in the centre.
Experts are optimistic that mussels export will at first begin in the Kosovan market and afterwards in the EU market.

News Source: ATA

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