Businesses require the ease of taxes and changes in the fiscal package

Businesses require the ease of taxes and changes in the fiscal package

The head of BiznesAlbania, Luan Bregasi has required the ease of taxes for important sectors as tourism, food industry and manufacturing. The request has come as a necessity of the companies operating in such sectors to come out of crisis. Bregasi declared, “For tourism, we demand a reduction of VAT from 20% to 8% or 10% . The average in the region is 7%. Only two European countries have a higher VAT for tourism, but they don’t have tourism as their main industry. This tax in Greece is 6%, in Montenegro 7%, in Macedonia 5%, and in Turkey it is 7%.”

“The annual property tax in Tirana was 200 ALL for square meter, and now it has turned to 400 ALL. The price and costs of annual services for fiscal equipment must be halved. No fines and tax obligations should be paid before the administrative and judiciary process is over”, declared the president of Biznes Albania, Luan Bregasi. Besides the taxes that go to the budget, Bregasi said that businesses have had other payments that are benefited unjustly by private concessionaries.

“The fiscal tax for local beer and imported beer should be removed. This is not applied in any EU countries. This has a very high cost for the business and the government takes from the excise tax the same amount of money that the private concessionary takes for the fiscal stamp. The law doesn’t realize the mission for which it was created, because it didn’t bring higher revenues in the budget. Builders also demand easier taxes. They propose that the tax on profit for land owners and for unsold apartments should be removed,” ended Bregasi.

News source: Albanian Screen
Photo credits: Ken Teegardin

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