Business community proposes changes for 2017 fiscal package

Business community proposes changes for 2017 fiscal package

Tirana, Albania
19 May 2016

On Wednesday, Biznes Albania association representatives held a meeting with the Minister of Finances, Arben Ahmetaj and discussed the next year’s fiscal package. The business representatives proposed new changes for the next year’s fiscal budget to the Ministry of Finances.

According to the head of Biznes Albania association, Luan Bregasi, the Ministry of Finances has promised not to raise taxes in 2017 but to improve further business procedures and bureaucracies. The government aims to keep a fixed tax scheme for the next year and to improve procedures for businesses in order to improve the business climate for Albanian and foreign businesses that operate in the country.

Groups of interests in the business sector are very active and make proposals and requests to the government regarding the fiscal package and the budget.

News source: ATA
Photo credits: Visual Hunt

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