Bio products, a strong point of Albania’s market

Bio products, a strong point of Albania’s market

Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Management, Edmond Panariti visited Kashari’s farmers that have implemented solar greenhouses in this area. Panariti expressed his full support for these farmers and promised new funding projects at about 60%-70% of the construction costs for these solar greenhouses. He emphasized the high importance of Bio products, and encouraged farmers to focus on the further production of various Bio products.

“I would recommend to these farmers to not use hormonal stimulants during the planting and to use 100% organic manuring. This will help in the increase in the quality of Albanian products, especially tomatoes. These products than will have the road opened to compete with European standards”, said the Minister of Agriculture.

Prime Minister of Solomons Islands
Edmond Panariti, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Photo credits: Wikimedia

He added that farmers of solar greenhouses have shown interest to diversify and broaden the production of  Bio products and we are trying to find efficient solutions for the problems they may face.

The most important need at this time is the creation of a refrigerating warehouse and a depot that will serve as a big collection point for all the Bio products, produced by farmers of this area. “This is necessary because the local market doesn’t have the ability to sell the huge amount of these products” – declared Minister Panariti.

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