Bid Opportunities Can Now Be Tracked via e-Albania Portal

Bid Opportunities Can Now Be Tracked via e-Albania Portal

TIRANA, September 19

e-Albania, the official service delivery platform, which offers several services such as registration, declarations, certificates, and others, will now provide a specific service for tracking public procurement cases. It allows businesses or companies to trace bids and tenders in the Public Procurement Agency and their participation in a specific bid, based on their ID number.
E-Albania is a portal that connects services of various institutions with each other. It is a one-stop shop where citizens are registered by using their ID card and applies for a specific service. e-Albania was established with the goal of becoming the main channel for obtaining public administration services.
Only people, who possess an Albanian passport or ID can be registered in the portal. However, it can be used by all the Albanian citizens and foreigners with a temporary or permanent registration in Albania; businesses registered in Albania; portal visitors, public administration employees.
E-services are expected to increase transparency and improve the public administration services, to overcome the digital gap, and to consolidate digital infrastructure all over Albania. E-Albania provides electronic services at level 3 and 4 for online payments and services at level 1 and 2 for people that need to obtain information about public services such as licenses, certificates, permits, and authorizations. All these services can be provided here.

News Source: Monitor

Photo Credit: e-Albania 

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