Berat Has Now Its Official Brand of Souvenirs

Berat Has Now Its Official Brand of Souvenirs

TIRANA, August 3

New initiatives that aim at promoting tourism in the city of Berat, south-central Albania, were unveiled on Wednesday at an event organised in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Businesses that operate in the tourism sector in the city and in the surrounding area gathered for the promotion of the Interpretation Centre, the Tourism Brand and Souvenirs, and Visit Berat mobile app. The main goal of these initiatives is to promote tourism resources, visual identity and to coordinate the work of businesses that have made investments in this sector.
The meeting was organised by the Municipality of the city in cooperation with Risi Albania and. So far, Berat is one of the only cities in Albania that has a completed line of souvenirs and local food products. Tourists can now meet artisans in their houses or studios in the old neighbourhoods of Mangalem and Gorica where they make small art pieces, paintings, wood and stone engravings that are all labeled “Berat, Eternal Experience”. Another place, where everything about Berat can be found here.
This was made possible by ‘Tourism Brand and Souvenirs’ project that was initiated by Albania Rafting Group, the Municipality and BID Berat with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Albania.
This project will help local artisans to promote their products to Albanian and foreign tourists. Therefore, they will continue to preserve their craft and pass it down to other generations.
Berat is a tourist destination that attracts large numbers of visitors all year round thus tourism guides are a necessity. For travellers that come to Albania, Berat is at the top of the must-see list due to its architecture and ancient history. Cultural heritage is one of the main values of the city. Onufri Iconographic Museum, which has been recently restored, numerous churches, the whitewashed houses, and the castle are some of the main attractions in the city area. Meanwhile, the enthusiasts of water sports enjoy rafting in River Osum and in Skrapari canyons. Summer is a period when most of the adventure-seekers enjoy rafting and nature exploration in the area. Based on the data provided by the local administration, the number of visitors to the city of one thousand windows has significantly increased during 2016.

News Source/Photo Credit: Albania Rafting Group

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