Berat Castle, One of the Most Visited Attractions in Albania

Berat Castle, One of the Most Visited Attractions in Albania

TIRANA, July 5

Berati Castle, located in one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Albania, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country. The number of visitor’s especially international tourists has increased. This was confirmed by the Regional Cultural Directorate of Berat, (DRKK) which shows how the number of visitors increased during the recent years.

“If we compare the number of visitors during January-June for the last three years, we can notice that in 2015 it was 17,733 visitors, for 2016 it was 24,704 visitors, and for 2017 it is 33,767,” it was announced by DRKK Berat.
The city of Berat has been promoted as a tourist destination even by international media that highlight the city’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Boston Globe, La Repubblica, Skyscanner and many other media outlets wrote about Berat in 2016.
Berat Castle also is known as Kala, is located on the right side of Osumi River and it is home to the ancient city of Antipatrea, which dates back to the seventh-fifth centuries B.C.
According to the data provided by DRKK Berat, Antipatrea is one of the most beautiful and important sites in Albania and the increased number of visitors confirms this fact.
Further on, the increased trend of visitors, which is a positive and promising indicator for the economic development of the city, shows that the Castle and other attractions in the city will be among the most visited sites in Albania.

News Source: ATA

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