Benja’s Thermal Springs, a Magnificent Year-Round Destination

Benja’s Thermal Springs, a Magnificent Year-Round Destination

TIRANA, February 1

There is one place in Albania where tourists can enjoy a relaxing dip no matter what the season is. Located 120 away from the Ionian coast and Saranda, swimming in the natural thermal springs of Benja in southeastern Albania, feels better during the cold months of the year. Benja’s thermal springs are no longer an overlooked landmark. They grabbed the attention of Albanians and international visitors that travel to the south and during the summer season, the place feels a bit overcrowded.
Besides the natural beauty of Benja area and Lengerica canyons, the springs are known for their healing properties. Given the increased number of visitors, Permet municipality is planning several investments in the area. Thus, the local community will benefit from sustainable tourism. Road infrastructure has been improved and a parking lot was built for cars and camping vehicles, while the parking rates are too low. The daily rate for a small vehicle is Lek 50. The incomes are used for maintenance work.
Recently, Permet town was proclaimed a protected area and the proximity to Benja makes it a year-round destination. As the locals say, with the exception of the sea, Permet has everything.

News Source: ATA

Photo Credit: Fation Plaku 

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