Benja’s Historic Center Declared Protected Area

Benja’s Historic Center Declared Protected Area

TIRANA, November 4

 A new site was added to the list of protected areas in Albania as the center of Benja Village in Permet region was declared a protected historic area by the Council of Ministers. Therefore, preservation will be a main priority for the village as the new status defines the regulations and measures that will be taken on the protection, preservation and administration of the cultural and historic values of Benja center.


This part of the village has buildings of historic and architectural values. The village continues to preserve the old network of traditional alleys. Given the new status, several restoration projects will begin in Benja village in order to further preserve its values and help for the revitalization of the area in order to promote it as a tourist destination. Numerous visitors go to Benja every summer to explore the thermal baths found in the area.

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 News Source/ Ministria e Kultures 

Photo Credit/Nentor Oseku

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