Beached Dolphin at Lalzit Bay, AKZM: Wildlife Aren’t Toys

Beached Dolphin at Lalzit Bay, AKZM: Wildlife Aren’t Toys

TIRANA, June 24

Following the latest weekend event when a pregnant dolphin approached the beach in Lalzit Bay, the National Agency of Protected Areas (AKZM) call on all vacationers and beachgoers in the Adriatic and Ionian coast, or elsewhere in the country to call authorities in case they notice a dolphin, turtle or any other species close to the beach or inhabited areas.

They may need help that can be provided only by experts.

According to the AKZM, the pregnant dolphin in Lalzi’t bay area approached the beach as it was looking for a safe place where to give birth. Despite the attempts of beachgoers to take it back to deep waters, the mammal returned to shallow waters. Experts highlights that despite the people’s attempt to help the mammal, they didn’t know what was the proper thing to do.

The dolphin was assisted by the experts to give premature birth to the calf that unfortunately was born lifeless.

“Afterwards, the mother dolphin left to deep waters. Based on this occurrence, we ask citizens to call experts and not to act on their own, because each case requires expertise. Wildlife aren’t toys for children and adults. In many cases wildlife approach inhabited areas or the beach because they might need help,” AKZM said on its announcement.


Source/Photo Credit: AKZM

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