Bank of Albania: Incomes from tourism sector increased in 2015

Bank of Albania: Incomes from tourism sector increased in 2015

A report published lately by the Bank of Albania has shown that during the second quarter of this year incomes from the tourism sector increased by 6% compared to the same period of 2014. Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the Albanian economy and governmental institutions have paid attention to it by finding the best and most efficient manners to improve the sector.

During this summer season, the Albanian Riviera was visited by thousands of tourists and Tirana capital as well. On August, there was inaugurated a new EUR 3 million investment in Saranda coast, a complex for tourists that has increased Saranda’s tourism potential and improved its image in this regard. A very interesting initiative undertaken by the National Agency of Coastline was the exploration of Via Egnantia, an ancient road which was not used by travelers since more than 200 years and once used to be “a bridge” between Occident and Orient.

 According to tourism experts, the initiatives undertaken by the government in boosting the development of this sector have had their effects in the increase of the number of tourists. The analysis made by the Bank of Albania regarding the performance of tourism sector this year shows that Albania is capable to use its tourism potential by using its cultural, traditional and historical heritage.

News source: ATA
Photo credits: Nentor Oseku

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