Association of Retailers Supports Decision for Internet Sales Tax

Association of Retailers Supports Decision for Internet Sales Tax

TIRANA, August 17

The Trade Union of Albania (BTSH) association, which represents the interests of Albanian suppliers and retailers expressed on Tuesday its support for the government’s decision on lowering the threshold tax for online shopping and gifts sent from abroad to Euro 22. They say that the decision, which initially was proposed by the Ministry of Finances is suitable for incomes and consume in Albania.
According to the representatives of the association, this decision creates equal positions for trade and distribution of goods within Albania. It also means just tax policies for the citizens that pay duties and the value-added tax. Moreover, BTSH representatives said that the decision will impede goods of unapproved and unchecked origin or products of inferior quality. They also said that the above-mentioned decision will increase employment, households’ incomes as well as higher incomes for the state budget. The decision entered into force on early August. It clearly defines that all online purchased products that surpass the value of Euro 22 and packages sent from abroad that have a declared value of Euro 45 will pay the required duty to the Albanian Customs.

News Source: ATA

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