The Apple Festival Celebrated in Korca

The Apple Festival Celebrated in Korca

TIRANA, October 9

The region of Korca is one of the biggest apple producers in Albania and the village of Dvoran is the home of the annual Apple Festival. This festive event, which aims at promoting local production and attracting more tourists, gathers apple farmers from the entire region of Korca on Sunday
The festival started with a symbolic apple picking event in one of village orchards and continued with the apple fair and a festive concert.

“The Apple Festival is an activity that focusses on promoting this important agricultural fruit for the area. On the other hand, it helps to spur tourism development,” Korca Mayor Sotiraq Filo said.
Farmers from the area exhibited their local varieties of apple fruit in the fair. Korca apple farmers grow most of Albania’s apple fruits as the climatic conditions of the area are favorable. This industry is growing yet better techniques, technology and understanding are needed. Currently, a high percentage of apple fruit consumed in Albania is imported from other countries.
“This is a high-quality product, but it needs to be branded,” a local producer said.
Dvoran is famous for apple production for the Albanian market.

News Source: TCh
Photo Credit: S. Filo

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