Ancient Villas, New Attraction in Borsh Village

Ancient Villas, New Attraction in Borsh Village

TIRANA, March 8

Borsh village is known among Albanians and international visitors as one of the most beautiful in the Albanian Riviera. This place is often regarded as the best beach in the country due to its length and picturesque setting. Besides the beach, the olive groves, citrus and quince fruit trees, Borsh village has a lot to offer to visitors. The Regional Directorate of National Culture in Vlora, DRKK Vlore, held an expedition at the ancient archaeological site of the ancient villas.

Specialists from the institution are drafting all the necessary documents in order that Ngureza and Muzga villas are given the culture monument status. Therefore, they can turn into archeological destinations for visitors. According to experts, the two ancient villas were used as farms during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. They were first identified and documented by archaeologists Jano Koco and Ilir Gjipali.

News Source/Photo Credit: Tema

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