Ancient Traditions Celebrated on Gjallica Mount Day

Ancient Traditions Celebrated on Gjallica Mount Day

TIRANA, August 9

The Day of Gjallica Mountain is celebrated by the inhabitants of Kuksi every first Thursday of August. According to the legend, the event will be followed by 12 hottest days of the year (the weather forecast confirms this) and a little bit of more paranormal activity. Another belief says that the first days of August could help to forecast up to one year ahead.

The pagan festival is a well-preserved tradition in Kuksi and the villages nearby Gjallica Mountain. The event celebrates the mountain and ancient myths, but most of all it helps to protect the mountain.
Traditionally, people gather at the mountain peak, 2,489 meters above the sea level, and perform an ancient tradition. They walk around for three hours during midnight with candles in their hands. In the past, people used to pay tribute to mountain fairies and to the thunder gods.
In modern times, people organize festive events, food fairs, engage in outdoor activities, and promote natural landmarks and hiking routes.
The local Smile Albania team organized a tour to some interesting sites on Gjallica Mout such as Kroi i Bardhe, Rrobulli Laku i Topojanit, Kroi i Kuq, Kroi i Kishes, Kroi i Tanzot, and Gjallica Peak.

Source: Kallabaku

Photo credit: AZM Kukes

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