Alps’ Plan to Turn Northern Region into a Year Round Tourist Destination

Alps’ Plan to Turn Northern Region into a Year Round Tourist Destination

TIRANA, July 14

Recent tourism statistics have revealed an increase in visitors in Albania, including the northern region. The tourism infrastructure in the Albanian Alps cannot handle the increasing tourist influx. Therefore, the need arises for the creation of an interesting tourism product and for a development plan for the region.
The environmental assessment for the development of the northern region includes the vision for turning the area into a popular natural attraction.

In 2031, the Albanian Alps will be a region that reflects harmony between man and nature, preserves environmental values, and promotes identity, cultural and historical heritage, through a model of sustainable tourism that meets the market demand as well as social and economic needs.

“Hence, the Blessed Mountains will be a destination for adventure-seekers, travelers, and visitors,” the final document on the development strategy says.
The emergent need for drafting a plan is related to the increased interest in the area. If not addressed properly, it will have an opposite effect.
“The plan on tourism will be drafted with the goal of improving human resources in both public and private sectors, and for a sustainable management of the tourism industry that is conforming to international standards. Moreover is aims at improving managerial capacities for human resources, to strengthen the education system and training practices, in order to establish a quality standard,” the official document says.
There are three strategic objectives for the development of this region.

The first goal focuses on preserving the harmony between nature and tourism development. This will keep human impact under control without affecting natural assets. At the same moment, it will meet tourism standards.
The second goal focuses on increasing tourism productivity. This sector can contribute to economic development and create new jobs.
The third strategic goal is the promotion of Albanian Alps as a special tourist attraction through the coordination of local businesses, tour operators and other subjects in order to promote historic and cultural sites, and natural landscapes in the area.
The next meeting regarding the plan on Albanian Alps will be organized in Bajram Curri on July 17. According to the SWOT analysis, 61 percent of the region is part of a protected park. The Alps master plan affects four municipalities and 12 administrative units.

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