Albania’s touristic potential featured in “Turizmus Panorama”

Albania’s touristic potential featured in “Turizmus Panorama”

“Turizmus Panorama”
Hungarian magazine has featured in its cover a panorama from Albania for its monthly issue, accompanied with reportage which displays the touristic potential of the country. The cover photo is captured in old town of Gjirokastra, a UNESCO protected city with high touristic, cultural, historic and architectonic values.

Inside the coverage, the magazine displays photos from Butrint ancient city (national park), one of the most important ancient ruins in Europe and photos of bunkers seen in different parts throughout the country.

The coverage on the Albanian tourism comes after a tour visit of several foreign journalists which visited Albania on May 9-15. The tour was jointly organized by the National Agency of Tourism and the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism. Journalists which attended the tour were amazed by the beauty of Albania’s nature and have written several articles and recommended Albania as a touristic destination in the journals they work in.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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