Albania’s Top 10 Companies with the Highest Annual Turnover in 2018

Albania’s Top 10 Companies with the Highest Annual Turnover in 2018

TIRANA, March 6

Over Lek 62.6 billion was the highest annual turnover for a company in Albania. Scan TV unveiled the list of the official list made available by the General Directorate of Taxation with the names of ten companies with the highest turnover rates. Moreover, the list also shows the sectors where they operate.

The Electric Power Distribution Operator (OSHEE) a state-owned company administrated by Adrian Cela ranked first with an annual turnover of Lek 62.6 billion. OSHEE is an energy company engaged in constructing, operating, maintaining, and developing the electricity distribution network serving households and private clients throughout Albania

Kastrati ranks second with Lek 62.2 billion. This is an independent privately owned petroleum company, based in Albania.

The National Commercial Bank (BKT) ranks third with Lek 46 billion. BKT is one among the 14 second-tier banks that operate in Albania.

Spiecapag Shqiperia ranks fourth with Lek 40.6 billion. The company is a contractor for the construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).

Bankers Petroleum Albania runs fifth with 39.9 billion. Bankers Albania is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bankers Petroleum Ltd., a Canadian-based oil and gas exploration and production company focused on opportunities in unconventional petroleum assets.

The list continues with Western Atlas, a company that operates in the sectors of trading, warehouse, and packaging. It ranks sixth with an annual turnover of Lek 36.9 billion.
Kurum is the seventh in the list with Lek 29.4 billion. The company produces steel.
The last three companies with the highest turnover are Spiecapag-Transadriatica with Lek27.4 billion, Genklaudis with Lek 22.9 billion, and Info-Telecom with Lek 19.9 billion.

News Source: Scan TV

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