Albania’s ICT Sector to Improve the Country’s Investment Appeal

Albania’s ICT Sector to Improve the Country’s Investment Appeal

TIRANA, March 11

Ambassador of Norway to Kosovo and Albania Strand Sjaastad in an interview for Monitor Magazine highlighted that there is a huge potential for development in Albania, but there are issues related to the rule of law that need improvement in order to attract more investors.
The Ambassador highlighted that the most interesting sectors for foreign investors in Albania could be renewable energy, the maritime sector, and information technology.

Moreover, he added that Albania ranks second in Europe in terms of hydro energy potential. Therefore, he added that Albania needs to establish the energy stock exchange, as it would help investors to feel safer.

In the meantime, the Norwegian government is considering the opportunity to expand the activity of Innovation Norway to Albania.
Ambassador Strand Sjaastad highlighted that Albania has great potential in the IT sector. According to him, companies from the Nordic countries would be interested in investing in this sector. Currently, the Swedish Transcom is operating a delivery center in Durres and it has over 300 employees. According to Ambassador Sjaastad, the sector is appealing to foreign companies.

News Source: Monitor

Photo credit: pixabay

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