Albania’s FDI Inflow Up 7.3% in Jan-Sep 2019

Albania’s FDI Inflow Up 7.3% in Jan-Sep 2019

TIRANA, December 11

Foreign Investments remain high during January – September 2019 although the two main projects in the energy sector, TAP and Devolli HPP, are on their final stages, the Bank of Albania (BoA) confirmed.

According to the statistics from the balance of payments for Jan – Sep 2019, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) were Euro 810 million or 7.3 percent more compared to the same period of 2018.

Based on BoA’s data this is the highest level of FDI inflow for the afore-mentioned period since 2008.
BoA confirmed that the most FDI volume during the third quarter was in the sectors of energy (23 percent), hydrocarbons (21 percent), and financial intermediation (13 percent).

The FDI inflow during the last years was at a high level because of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline and Devolli HPP.
The total investment for the TAP project in Albania is estimated at Euro 1.5 billion. So far, over 95 of the project in Albania were completed.

Meanwhile, the total investment of the Devolli HPPs project is estimated at Euro 590 million.

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Source: Monitor

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