Albania’s Beer Imports Continue Upward Trends

Albania’s Beer Imports Continue Upward Trends

TIRANA, April 17

Beer imports continue an upward trend even in 2018. Based on the data provided by the Ministry of Finances, beer imports during the first two months of the year increased by 3.5 tons. Beer imports have seen an upward trend since 2016. On the other hand, domestic breweries are concerned about the fact that imported beer is competing in the Albanian market due to lower costs.
Market operators say that compared to the region, Albania has a higher tax burden, even for beer production. Besides the common taxes, breweries include expenses for the revenue stamp, the prepaid excise rate, and electric power in the general cost.
The cost of the revenue stamp is 14 times higher compared to the countries of the region. Therefore, it is calculated that the Albanian brewery industry spends Euro 5 million only for the revenue stamp.
In the meantime, producers say that the prepaid excise duty is an absurdity. The tax is paid on production and not on sale. Moreover, the electric power price is too high, while dividend taxation increased by 50 percent.

News Source: Monitor

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