Albania’s 2019 Driving Fatalities Higher than in 2018

Albania’s 2019 Driving Fatalities Higher than in 2018

TIRANA, January 20

The Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) unveiled on Monday the report on December road accidents. INSTAT reported a 0.7 percent decrease in road accidents during December as compared to the same period in 2018. Based on the stats, in 2018 there were 136 road accidents as compared to 135 in December 2019.

Road accidents Albania

The number of road fatalities in December 2019 was 24, one more than in December 2018. Meanwhile, the number of injured was 163, or 24 more than in December 2018.
In the meantime, the number of road fatalities during Jan-Dec 2019 was 227, or 14 more than in 2018.

road accidents in Albania
Traffic accidents in December and January-December 2019, credit: INSTAT

Drivers, the main cause of road accidents

Driver distraction remains the main cause of road fatalities. Even though the report does not specify if the fatalities were pedestrians, cyclists, or non-pedestrians, drivers were responsible for 124 road accidents and 21 fatalities in December and 1,280 accidents and 197 fatalities in Jan-Dec 2019.
Meanwhile, pedestrians were responsible for 218 road accidents during 2019.

Young adults responsible for most road accidents
According to the report, 25.9 percent of road accidents occurred among young adults ages 25 – 34.

Source: INSTAT

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