Albanians Start Cultivation of High-Priced Saffron Plant

Albanians Start Cultivation of High-Priced Saffron Plant

TIRANA, March 1

Albania is well-known for the cultivation for various spices. Recently, farmers started the cultivation of saffron flower, besides other traditional crops. Even though saffron is considered the most expensive spice in the world, it was not cultivated before in Albania. The price per kilogram of saffron spice is about Euro 4,000.
Saffron cultivation in Albania dates back to a just a few year ago. Farmers in Dumrea area in Elbasan planted an area of 1.8 hectares. However, the export volume is low.
Experts say that Saffron is a delicate plant that requires large capital investments. This is the reason why not too many farmers invest in saffron cultivation.
In the meantime, experts from the agriculture sector say that even if this spice isn’t famous in Albania, it is among the medicinal plants that Albania can export to other countries. The demand and prices for saffron are always high, therefore, more Albanian farmers must take into consideration saffron cultivation.

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