Albanians Say Corruption Has Increased

Albanians Say Corruption Has Increased

TIRANA, December 20

Albanians are the most pessimistic in the region when asked if they expect a reduction in corruption. Corruption has increased during the last two years. Following the report issued by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), another survey says that Albania is one of the most corrupt countries in the region. Based on the findings of a survey conducted by the Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI) 50% of the participants in the poll said they have been asked to give bribes and 40% gave bribes.
SELDI has created a regional corruption monitoring system in South-East Europe since 2014.
“Corruption pressure is 25.9% – hardly a percentage decline since 2014 when the regional mean was 27.1%. Corruption pressure (which represents the share of citizens in a country who report being asked for a bribe by a public officer during the past year) is the main indicator not only for administrative corruption but for the overall corruption environment in a country,” one of the main findings says.
Albania is followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina while Croatia ranks last in the list. Only 12% of the participants in the poll said that they have been asked for a bribe.

News Source: Monitor
Photo Credit: SELDI

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