Albanians Consumed more Beer in 2017

Albanians Consumed more Beer in 2017

TIRANA, December 26

While beer consumption around the world is falling, the volume of beer consumed in Albania during 2017 increased. According to the official statistics issued by the General Directorate of Customs, the volume of beer consumed during January-October 2017 was 71 million liters, or 8.7 million liters more compared to the same period of 2016.
Based on these data, 34.3 million liters of beer were imported during this period. The highest level of beer consumption was noticed during the summer months and this was related to the high summer temperatures.
The brewery market is one of the most wanted and discussions on beer excise are always harsh.
Domestic producers have always complained that an unequal market has been created. Therefore, they continuously asked for a reduction of the excise tax on this product in order to increase domestic production and employment.
Currently, the Albanian brewery market is shared among four companies, Tirana, Stela, Korca, and Elbar. On the other hand, imported beer is present in the market and it was often favored by the low excise tax, thus, domestic companies must compete with imported products.

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