Albanians Own 32,000 Businesses in Italy

Albanians Own 32,000 Businesses in Italy

TIRANA, August 21

Albanian immigrants living in Italy have founded and own about 32,000 businesses in the neighboring country. This was confirmed by a recent report published by the Italian Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft, and Agriculture (UNIONCAMERE)
“Italy has seen a growing presence of foreign-funded firms in its economy,” report published last week says.
Based on its data, foreign citizens own over 580,000 companies in Italy. Albanian entrepreneurs rank fourth following Moroccans, Chinese, and Romanian entrepreneurs. According to UNIONCAMERE, the favorite sectors of Albanian businessmen include trade and construction.
Moreover, the data from the Italian National Institute of Statistics (Istat), over 450,000 Albanian citizens live in Italy. Most of them immigrated to Italy during the transition period. Most of them, especially those who immigrated during the first years, have founded companies and now, they make one of the active communities in the Italian economy.

The aforementioned figure of 32,000 companies founded by Albanians accounts for 20 percent of all active businesses in Albania. This fact confirms that Albanians are doing business not only within the country borders but also in other European countries.


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