Albanian Road Maintenance System Set to Undergo Changes

Albanian Road Maintenance System Set to Undergo Changes

TIRANA, January 23

The Albanian road maintenance management system is set to undergo radical changes. According to Top Channel, a joint project between the government and the World Bank (WB) will be implemented and only four private companies will manage about 1,300km. Currently, 90 companies have a road maintenance contract. The project consists of a tender offer of $150 million focused on providing optimal maintenance and reducing the number of road accidents.
Based on the project, the 12 Albanian districts are grouped in four larger regions, respectively the northern, the east north-central, the south-eastern and southern regions.
So far, the Albanian Road Authority confirmed that three out of the fours bids on the regions are completed.
Official sources from the same institution confirmed for TCh that the four private companies will manage the Albanian roads for a period of five years. The contracts include not only road maintenance, but also investments in order to provide better standards and reduce accidents black spots.
The World Bank, which will finance half of the project value, says that it will help to reduce by 15 percent the death rate due to road accidents as Albania is among the countries highest car-crash fatality rates in Europe.

News Source: TCh

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