Albanian products on the menu

Albanian products on the menu

The Minister of Agriculture, Edmond Panariti, asked restaurant owners to increase the presence of Albanian goods, by reserving a special page on the menu. 

“It is the right of our consumers to have Albanian products as an offer in a special page. We are creating a consolidated tradition for the Albanian products”, Panariti declared.

The Minister asked to give a special priority to certified products, such as the olive oil or natural waters collected in our country.

Business representatives say there are many cases when quality leaves much to be desires, while prices are the same with imported goods.

“There is not enough Albanian water in restaurants, probably due to the packaging. This should be an appeal for Albanian producers to change the packaging”, Panariti declared.

“The Italian water has the same price with the Albanian one. Only the packaging changes. Some damage our image by putting bad water in the market, but the packaging and quality should be inspected by the state”, declared Indrit Nuredini, business representative.

Businesses asked the Ministry to increase the quality inspection on Albanian products and improving categorizations and packaging.

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