Albanian Music Legend Nexhmije Pagarusha Dies Aged 86

Albanian Music Legend Nexhmije Pagarusha Dies Aged 86

TIRANA, February 7

One of the biggest and most beloved singers Nexhmije Pagarusha, has died at the age of 86 on Friday following a short disease. Pagarusha, known as the nightingale of Albanian music, leaves a legacy in music that will endure for generations to come. She remained true to the values of Albanian music during her entire life. She had a huge role in Kosovo’s cultural identity.
Confirming her death, her brother Tarik Pagarusha said: “Honorable friends, today, our sister Nexhmije Pagarusha passed away.”
For all the Albanians and many of her fans in the Balkans, Pagarusha was a music icon with a music career that spanned across five decades and over 150 songs.
She was born in Pagarush village, near Malisheva and pursued her studies for canto in Belgrade. Her professors claimed that her voice was so rare that it would be an offense to compare her with other artists.
She started her singing career at Radio Prishtina in 1948. Pagarusha sang various genres of music from classical pieces to jazz and traditional folk music. She was part of Shota Ensemble and toured in Eastern Europe and Israel. It was with Shota that she toured in Albania too.
She had her last festival in Sarajevo in 1984. Yet she continued to sing and perform even in her golden years. To mention here the remake of ‘Baresha’ song video eight years ago. Besides, Baresha her most famous songs are Mora Testin, Dashuro, E Dehun Jam, Po Vijne Krushqit, Nje Pike Vese, Kur me del ne dere, Ani Mori Nuse, and many more.

Photo/ Video Credit:Nexhmije Pagarusha Official

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