Albanian Movie “The Van” at Cannes 2019

Albanian Movie “The Van” at Cannes 2019

TIRANA, May 16

On May 14 it started the 72nd Edition of Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France that will continue until May 25th. The movies will be judged for the ‘Palme d’Or’ by a jury of 9 members, led by the director of the movie series “Mad Max”, George Miller. The Cannes Festival will take place under the stars, in a theater on the beach.

Cannes 2019
The official logo for the 72nd edition of Cannes festival

The American actor, Sylvester Stallone, will return to the festival to promote his thriller/ adventure movie “Rambo V- Last blood”, whereas the drama movie directed by Quentin Tarantino “Once upon a time in Hollywood”, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt while Los Angeles is shocked by the murders from the Manson Family in the 60s, will have its world premiere at the festival and competing for the big prize as well.

Once upon a time in Hollywood
“Once upon a time in Hollywood” directed by Quentin Tarantino is on the list of movies for the award of “Palme d’Or”

After the official announcement for the 72nd edition of the Cannes Festival, it was revealed the list of films that will compete in the category of short films, including the Albanian movie, “The Van”. In this category will participate in 11 short films where 9 of them are sci-fi, 1 is a documentary and the other one is animated.

The poster for the Albanian film “the Van” directed by Erenik Beqiri

The movie “The Van” directed by the Albanian director Erenik Beqiri, talks about a young boy in his 20s that his goal it to emigrate abroad. In order for him to earn money fast, he accepts to play in matches that are taking place inside a van. The rules of the van are easy: the door closes and the van does a routine trajectory, turning back to square one. From there, the doors open and gets out the winner.

The trailer for the movie “The Van” competing in the category “Short Films”


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Photo credit/ Andrew Cooper (A.P), France24, A.T.SH, UniFrance

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