Albanian Legend: The arrogant Prince and the wise girl

Albanian Legend: The arrogant Prince and the wise girl

Once upon a time, there was a young chieftain who was known for his bravery and cleverness, but also for his faddish character. One day, the chieftain called an old man and gave him a very strange task, he ordered the man to peel a stone and with it to prepare lunch for his invitees. The old man was shocked by this order, knowing that it is impossible peeling a stone or making any kind of food with it.

The man went home feeling very sad and told his daughter about the strange occurrency. His daughter was young and a very wise and pretty girl. After hearing the story from her father, she tried to calm him and told him that everything was going to be fine. In the morning after, she gave to her father a cleaver and told him: “Take this cleaver and give it to the chieftain. Tell him to first slaughter the stone with it, and after that, you will peel the stone and make the lunch.”

The old man took the cleaver and did what his daughter suggested. The imperious chieftain got furious and told the old man:

  • Who told you that a stone can be slaughtered? Are you trying to fool me?

The old man took a bow as a sign of honour to the chieftain and said:

  • I do not dare to challenge or oppose you my dear prince but where did you hear that a stone can be peeled?

The prince was impressed by the manner the old man replied and acted toward his strange request and wanted to know more about him. The old man told everything to the prince and he ended up marrying with the old man’s pretty daughter.

But, as the years were passing by, the chieftain became aware that his wife was wiser than he was and he felt offended by this. One day, he ordered his wife to take everything that she needed and to go at her parent’s house because he didn’t wanted to see her again. She accepted but begged to him to eat the last dinner together. While eating dinner, the prince got drunk and fell asleep. His wise wife took him and put him in the chariot, heading to her parent’s house. After a while, the prince awoke and rebuked his wife, asking for a reason for what she’d done.

  • “You told me to carry with me everything I needed, so I took you because you are the one I need” – said his wife.

The prince apologized to her and they lived happy ever after.

Photo: Austriacus / Wikimedia

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