Albanian-Kosovan Businesses Seek Removal of Obstacles

Albanian-Kosovan Businesses Seek Removal of Obstacles

TIRANA, December 20

The agreements signed between the Albanian and Kosovan governments have not been implemented so far.
Business representatives from both countries raise issues related to various problems and obstacles that prevent trade growth between Albania and Kosovo. Even non-tariff barriers to trade hide hefty costs. Issues were discussed during the first meeting between business and customs offices representatives organized by the joint Albania-Kosovo Commerce Chamber.
Problems were noticed in the utilization of Durresi Port as a transit point for Kosovo imported goods. Another major concern raised by business representatives is related to high costs.
On the other hand, Customs offices confirm that all the measures were taken in order to use Durresi Port as a transit custom office for Kosovan companies starting January 1. In the meantime, they also say that all fees and bills will be available online while fees are also defined by the seaport concession holder.

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news Source: Scan TV

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